Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba


Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba graduated in English studies from the University of Granada and in 1997 completed her PhD in Linguistics in the University of Córdoba under the supervision of Prof. Martín Mingorance and Prof. Mairal. She has been a visiting scholar in the University of Amsterdam (1993) and the University of Verona (1994) and has lectured in Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (1997-1998) and in the London School of Economics and Kingston University (1998-1999). In 2000 she worked for Bitext, one of the pioneering language solutions companies in Spain.

In 2001 she joined the National University of Distance Learning in Spain where she has been working since.

She has carried out research on lexicology, lexicography and language technologies. Currently, she is involved in the design of lexical templates for the Lexical Constructional Model and is also working in a new project within the Lexicom group called DISSE (Diccionario Sintáctico y Semántico del Español Actual)


Some of her most recent contributions to Conferences and books are:

  • Pérez Cabello de Alba, B. (en prensa) “Lexical Templates at the core of a semantics-syntax interface. The contribution to RRG”. En B. Wiemer, R. Matasovic y R. Kailuweit (ed.) New applications of Role & Reference Grammar: Diachrony, grammaticalization, Romance languages". Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Pérez Cabello de Alba, B. (en prensa) “Lexical templates for the inchoative dimension of the lexical field Existence”. Actas del XXV Congreso de AESLA. Murcia: Servicio de publicaciones de la Universidad de Murcia.
  • Pérez Cabello de Alba, B. (2007) “The lexical representation of eating verbs based on a universal semantic metalanguage”. Actas del XXIV Congreso Internacional de AESLA. Madrid: Servicio de publicaciones de la UNED.

Contact Info.

Name: Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba
Postal address: Departamento de Filologías Extranjeras y sus Lingüísticas. UNED
C/ Senda del Rey, 7
28040 Madrid