LCM verbal templates are collected and recorded in a systematic way in two databases. Firstbase collects a number of verbal templates that show the progress made so far by the research group. Its records correspond to different phases of the theoretical construction of the LCM. Thus, the formalism used varies according to the different stages of the project. Click here for a sample of the older version of lexical templates.

A compact and more coherent notation has lately been developed. Its formalism departs from the conventions employed within the context of RRG or by authors such as Mel'cuk –which had constituted the basic inspiration for the desgin of the first lexical templates of of the LCM–, for it has been necessary to represent information other than that contemplated by preceding linguistic models. It will permit more efficient computational implementations of the LCM, and –at the same time– posseses a human-readable quality that makes it apt for other purposes.

Lxcm is the database which will contain the templates in this new unified format. It is also a tool for an easy edition of new templates. Whereas Firstbase may contain different proposals for the same verb template, Lxcm will only present the standard template for each entry.

The links above lead to online copies of the databases. Their functionality includes the introduction and edition of templates. Upon demand, a password with user privileges can be obtained from the LCM group.

A sample of the latest version of lexical templates can be found here.


Lexical templates editor and searcher

The LCM and a group of researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid are currently working on an online program for the assisted creation of lexical templates. A very preliminary version can be accessed here.