Biodata Carlos González Vergara

Carlos González Vergara received his Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from  the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2006. The title of his dissertation was Las construcciones no reflexivas con “se”: una propuesta desde la Gramática del Papel y la Referencia [Non-reflexive “se” constructions: a Role and Reference Grammar approach]. In this work, Carlos González Vergara, under the direction of Ricardo Mairal Usón, postulates that the structure and meaning of the different types of Spanish “se” sentences can be explained in terms of constructional templates and lexical rules.

Since 2006, Carlos González Vergara is Assistant Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where he has taught courses on Spanish Semantics and Spanish Grammar and seminars on Role and Reference Grammar.

He is interested in the relationship between syntax, semantics and pragmatics.


Selected publications:

  • González Vergara, C. (in press). «One rule to rule them all: Logical  structures of Spanish non-reflexive "se" constructions». In Guerrero, L., Ibáñez Cerda, S. & Belloro, V. (eds.). Studies in Role and Reference Grammar, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • González Vergara, C. (2006). «La Gramática del Papel y la Referencia: una aproximación al modelo». Onomázein, 14, 101–140.
  • González Vergara, C. (2005). «Una observación sobre el concepto de función gramatical en la obra de Martinet». Onomázein, 12, 55–64.
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  • González Vergara, C. (2004). «Sobre la formación de verbos causativos deadjetivales. Algunas regularidades semánticas», Onomázein, 10, 57–92.