Biodata Francisco Gonzálvez

Francisco Gonzálvez-García has been a Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics in the Department of English and German Philology, University of Almería, Spain, since 1997. He is a research member of SCIMITAR (Santiago Centred Milieu for Interactional, Typological and Acquisitional Research) as well as Grupo de Gramática Contrastiva (PAI HUM 0269) and is currently involved in the elaboration of a dictionary of constructions from a contrastive (Spanish-English) perspective (HUM 2004-05947-C02-01/FILO; HUM 2005-02870/FILO). Over the last decade he has participated in a number of research projects focusing on discourse analysis from a contrastive perspective (research project PGIDT00PXI2040PR funded by Xunta de Galicia), also taking on board its implications for cognition, typology and L2 acquisition (research project PGIDIT03PXIC20403PN, funded by Xunta de Galicia and the Spanish Ministry of Educaction and Science) and contrastive (English-Spanish) syntax from a constructionist standpoint (BFF2000-1271, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science). He is currently a member of the editorial board of Atlantis and Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics and has occasionally served as a reviewer for Cognitive Linguistics. He has also been a member of the scientific committee of the fifth International Meeting of AELCO/SCOLA (Murcia, October, 2006).

His research interests center on the areas of syntax, semantics and pragmatics, as well as on functionalist, cognitivist and/or constructionist approaches. His early work, deriving from his PhD received at the University of Bologna under the auspices of the Royal Spanish College at Bologne, “The syntax-semantics interface in complex-transitive complementation in contemporary English”, was geared towards an eclectic approach to the syntactic analysis and semantico-pragmatic import of this verb pattern. This synthesising analysis is outlined in “A modality view of predicate selection in small clauses” (1997, Texas Linguistic Forum, 38, 101-119). Over the last few years, he has published a number of articles focusing on argument structure in English and Spanish from a constructionist standpoint. His most recent publications offer a fine-grained comparison of 11 functionalist, cognitivist and/or constructionist models in terms of a list of 36 features (with Christopher Butler, “Mapping functional-cognitive space”, Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 4(2006), 39-96) as well as a Goldbergian analysis of passive verbless configurations in Spanish as constructions in their own right (“Passives without actives: evidence from verbless complement clauses in Spanish”, Constructions SV1-5/2006).

Throughout his career, his teaching has revolved around English Linguistics in general and English grammar in particular at the University of Granada (1993-1997) and at the University of Almería (1997 up to the present). Over these years he has taught courses on English syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology and phonetics, and contrastive linguistics. He has also participated as an invited lecturer in doctoral programmes at the Universities of Jaén and Huelva. Moreover, he has been a visiting scholar at University College London (sponsor: Prof. S. Greenbaum), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (sponsor: Prof. Adele E. Goldberg), University of California at Santa Barbara (sponsor: Prof. Sandra A. Thompson), University of California at Los Angeles (sponsor: Prof. Robert S. Kirsner), and the University of California at San Diego (sponsor: Prof. Ronald W. Langacker). In addition, he has also taught English courses for the team of volunteers participating in the Mediterranean Games held in Almería, 2005.


Selected Publications

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  • Gonzálvez-García, F. (2001). “Literatura, gramática e iconicidad: Algunas notas a propósito de las traducciones de los Sonetos de Shakespeare en español e italiano”. In P. Y. Raccah and B. Saiz Noeda (eds.), Lenguas, Literatura y Traducción: Aproximaciones Teóricas. 2001. Madrid: Arrecife, 205-225.
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    Gonzálvez-García, F. (2006). “Passives without actives: evidence from verbless complement clauses in Spanish”, Constructions SV1-5/2006.

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