Biodata Mariana Neagu

Mariana Neagu has been an Associate-Professor of English Language and Linguistics in the Department of English at ‘Dunarea de Jos’ University of Galati, Romania, since 2001. She teaches graduate courses on Phonology, Semantics, Text Typology and Cognitive Linguistics, as well as an MA course on the Translation of Metaphor.

She is currently a member of ESSE (The European Society for the Study of English) and of ICLA (The International Cognitive Linguistics Association) and a research member of projects focusing on translation (the project entitled ‘Interface research of the original and translated text. Cognitive and communicative aspects of the message’, intracultural communication (the project entitled Society and Lifestyles: Towards Enhancing Social Harmonization through Knowledge of Subcultural Communities and intercultural communication (the project entitled Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe: an interdisciplinary perspective).

Mariana Neagu has occasionally served as a reviewer for conferences and journals (The Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics) and participated as an Erasmus lecturer in MA and BA programmes at the University of Aachen (Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hoschschule) and the University of La Rioja.

In 1998 Mariana Neagu completed her Ph.D in linguistics at the University of Bucuresti. Her PhD dissertation, entitled ‘Categories in Natural Languages. A Study of Nominal Polysemy in English and Romanian’ approaches polysemy from the perspective of cognitive linguistics and examines three different groups of nouns: nouns denoting animals, deverbal nouns and social terms.

In her previous research she investigated basic element metaphors (i.e. fire, water, air and earth metaphors) and prepositions from a cross-linguistic perspective and also looked into communicative issues (e.g. politeness, significant silence) from a cross-cultural perspective.

Her present research interests include aspects of cognitive linguistics: metaphor, metonymy, humour and constructions.

Some of her recent publications are the following:

I. Books

a. author

  • Neagu Mariana. 2000. Language, Culture and Civilization. English In and Outside the
    British Isles
    . Galati: Editura Fundatiei Universitare "Dunarea de Jos" (140 p)
  • Neagu Mariana. 2001. Variety and Style in English. Buzau: Editura Alpha (212 p)
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  • Neagu Mariana. 2006. English Pronunciation, Spelling and Vocabulary. Bucuresti: Editura
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b. editor

  • Neagu Mariana. 2005. Understanding and Translating Metaphor. Bucuresti: Editura
    Didactica si Pedagogica (231 p)

c. translator

  • Neagu Mariana and Carmen Patac. 2000. V. Lica. The Coming of Rome in the Dacian
    Konstanz: Universitatsverlag Konstanz (299p)
  • Neagu Mariana and Isabela Miron. 2006. Alexander the Great in Mihail Sebastian’s ‘Ultima
    Ora’ – CHAPTER in PHILIA Festschrift fur G. Wirth zum 80 Geburtstag, Hrsg. von
    Vasile Lica unter Mitarbeit von Decebal Nedu, Academica Verlag, Galati, p. 237-289.


II. Articles

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